Weekly Umrah for 10 days

Program details

Guidance was born, so the beings are dia
And the mouth of time smiled and praised
Alwajba for Hajj and Umrah welcomes you*
It offers you the best #Umrah #programs on the Prophet’s birthday
(September 20 flight)
A program for (10) days
Departure date: 09/20/2023
Return date: 09/29/2023

💵Prices are visa free
✅ The price of Umrah in the quadruple room is 900
✅ The price of Umrah in the triple room is 1100
✅ The price of Umrah in the double room is 1450
✅ The price of Umrah in the single room is 2200
Program details
🏢 Travel to Mecca and stay for (5) nights in a 4-star hotel, Grand Mecca, Gaza Sofas, close to the Haram, the first hotel in the expansion, the new expansion square.
🏢 Accommodation in Medina in a hotel, steps away from the Haram, for (3) nights
🚍International transportation with the latest buses, model 2024, spacious chairs, a charger, and a bathroom.
🕋A program to visit religious and historical places in Mecca and Medina
✅Attending Friday prayers in Mecca and Friday prayers in Medina
😍The birth of the best of human beings coincides with your presence in Medina
*We accept on our trips those holding tourist visas
*We accept on our trips those who have a Haya card
Flight reservation documents
1/ Passport copy
2/ A copy of the identity card
3/ A white background photo
4/ A copy of the visa for those who have obtained it
Working hours
From 9 am to 12 noon
From 5 pm to 9 pm
For reservations and inquiries
3304 0533
6001 0835
4465 1729
5525 4884 (for Urdu and English speakers)
How to register for the trip
To guarantee your reservation, please send a copy of your passport, card, or visa to the number

Our Location
Airport Street, next to Al Rawnaq Library, Nabina Building, first floor, Office (1)
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